Use of the RapidCircle.Office365.Deployment.Cmdlets.dll

Oct 25, 2013 at 9:38 AM

I have build the DLL file from the VS2012 project. I have imported the DLL called "RapidCircle.Office365.Deployment.Cmdlets.dll" into powerhell with the command
Import-Module -Verbose -Name "C:\temp\RapidCircle.Office365.Deployment.Cmdlets.dll"
I've got the Information that the module is loaded.
AUSFÜHRLICH: Modul wird aus Pfad "C:\temp\RapidCircle.Office365.Deployment.Cmdlets.dll" geladen.
AUSFÜHRLICH: Cmdlet "Enable-Feature" wird importiert.
AUSFÜHRLICH: Cmdlet "Set-MasterPage" wird importiert.
AUSFÜHRLICH: Cmdlet "Set-TaxonomyFieldAssociation" wird importiert.
At this point I dont know how can I use the library to execute commands that are based on the library. Can u give me examples how can I connect to SPO with the library and commands which describe what I can do with that one.

best regards from germany
Nov 7, 2013 at 8:17 PM

I'll write a more extensive description on the wiki. For the moment:
Set-MasterPage -Url -MasterPageUrl {relative url to masterpage} -SystemMasterUrl {relative url to masterpage} -User {your username} -Password {your password} -AuthenticationMethod SharePointOnline -Verbose

Basically I've chosen to pass the an Authentication mode, either SharePointOnline or OnPremise depending on where you are using the cmdlets. Then you pass your user id and password (also domain if authenticating OnPremise). In this case I supply the url of the sitecollection, the masterpage Url relative in that site collection and optionally I can also set the System Master if needed.

There is more documentation on the way, I hope this helps for now.

Kind regards

Roel Hans