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SharePoint Online cmdlets
SharePoint Online Powershell cmdlets that are useful for developing and maintaining SharePoint Online sites.

SharePoint has support for Powershell cmdlets since SharePoint 2010 and this helps you to write scripts to automate your deployment. Ever since SharePoint 2013 there are 700+ cmdlets for maintaining and developing SharePoint 2013. With SharePoint Online we have 27 cmdlets and they are mainly aimed at tenant level operations. So this project is here to fill that gap and has the following goals:
  • Provide powershell cmdlets that enable you to do routine deployment and maintenance tasks using powershell on SharePoint Online
  • Make those cmdlets work regardless from working on SharePoint Online or working On Premises so you will be able to do development on your local machine, test on a different local machine then move it to SharePoint Online for acceptance and production by just changing a few parameters
  • Provide small units of functionality that you can use in a bigger powershell script

Currently there are three cmdlets, showing off the idea. Will add more soon.

All code is provided under the MIT license and comes without any warranties or guarantees.

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